3 Red Flags for Avoiding Fake Escorts and Scams

3 Red Flags for Avoiding Fake Escorts and Scams

People in general, are human, so it’s nice to have some R&R time with an escort once in a while, but wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world without scumbags and scam artists? Unfortunately, due to the nature of the escort industry, shady characters will always be lurking in the shadows looking for a fast buck. The good news is there are some Red Flags that you can use to spot fake San Francisco escorts and avoid being scammed.

There are typically three Red Flags that genuine and novice people run into when looking for escorts in San Francisco for the first time. The internet provides a myriad of information for escort services; however, it also provides the perfect medium for scam artists to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

The 3 Red Flags:

  1. Red Flag: SF Escorts Posting Fake Ads

  2. fake ads These fake ads are known as Sensual Christi or Exotic Christi ads, and they’re designed to draw a client in. The goal, in the end, is to get a deposit in order to book them, and you never hear from them again. They post pictures just as good as the ones found on a reviewed escort agency’s website; however, their services are anything but as advertised.

    One way to check is to do an image source check to see if the photo is real. If you see the same photo on other sites, this is a Red Flag.

  3. Red Flag: Credit Card Scams

  4. cedit card scams These are designed for one purpose? To steal your credit card information. First time users beware, this is a real problem that a lot of people fall victim to, and you should pay close attention to this section. If you’re looking for San Francisco escorts on backpage sites? There’s a 100 percent chance that once you make contact, they will respond rather quickly.

    Their friendly at first, and their goal is to get you to click on a link that they send you and enter your credit card information to verify your identity. They claim they just want to make sure you’re a real person before the escort comes over? If you get a “special” link sent to you, this is also a Red Flag.

  5. Red Flag: San Francisco Escorts Who Don’t Match The Photo!

  6. If you’re looking in perilous places on the internet for San Francisco escorts, you will not have a problem making contact with any number of them. Most of these Sensual Christi ads will have a high-quality photo of the escort, but as soon as you exchange contact information, the pictures they send you only resembles the posted photo.

    They do this in order to attract potential victims because if they put their real photo on the website, they may not get a response. If the escort doesn’t match the photo, this a huge Red Flag. You could get beat up, robbed or extorted.

The Best Way Not to Get Scammed!

The best way to avoid being scammed is to use a reviewed escort agency. They will not send you “special” links or ask you to click off their site to a third-party source. They also have a customer service department that can be verified as well as a great selection of real San Francisco Bay Area Escorts to choose from.